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1. bag is stained with a ballpoint pen and can be gently wiped with a toothbrush with a small amount of soap. If there are traces, it is recommended to clean again with alcohol so that the ballpoint pen stains can be cleaned well.

2. Wave around indoors with a towel with vinegar water, or light two candles to eliminate the smell of smoke in the room.

3. Applying toothpaste to the gauze to wipe the glass will make it bright as new.

4. The best way to learn more about something is not Google quora, but to go straight to the literature, such as real estate, then look for recent papers on real estate.

5. The last page of the PPT will always be Q.A., accepting questions and questions from the audience.

6. It’s easy to leave things in places like hotels when you go out, and the solution is to take a picture of all the important things you bring with you before you go out, and compare them with the previous photos each time you leave the hotel.

7. Be sure to keep an eye on the late rate of that flight before booking your ticket, be sure!

8. Aerobic exercise stimulates dopamine production, which translates to, when you’re feeling down, running can actually make you feel better.

9. Soda powder and water are mixed with 2:1 ratio into soda paste, against the ultra-dirty sink under the mouth, no less than a variety of cleaning agents, it also has a good deodorization function, strong alkali when used remember to wear rubber gloves.

10. Starbucks coffee grounds casually take, put in the refrigerator adsorption odor, used to give the ashtray bottom is also suitable, and taste and clean.

11. When you drop eye drops, your mouth opens slightly and your eyes don’t blink.

12. Wash the white shirt, drop two or three drops of blue ink in the rinsed water and mix well, then float the shirt once, drying it and whitening.

13. The use of tea grounds can effectively eliminate dark circles.

14. When cutting vegetables such as onions, peel them and store them in the fridge freezer for a few hours before cutting them without bursting into tears. ¬

15.You can put the new stockings in the freezer, freeze them straight out and thaw them naturally, stocking won’t offline when you put them on.

16. When buying gift boxes to give away, the price tag is difficult to tear off, can be used hair dryer heat in tearing, will be very easy to tear down, leaving no trace.

17. When the sewer is blocked: take some vinegar and soda and pour half a cup of soda and a cup of vinegar into the sewer. Will produce a lot of bubbles, do not panic, and so on to stop bubbling, with hot water rinsed clean, it is not blocked.

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