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It’s disgusting to say that many zoos have a situation in which animal rations are withheldMany zoos nominally eat 15 kilos of beef per tiger, but they can’t actually eat beef at all.Itis basically chicken palms, chicken skeletons, or animal visceral chicken and duck meat.So each tiger can embezzle about 300 yuan a day, 10 tigers a day is 3000, a year?

At that time to visit a zoo to see them feed tigers, feeding tigers when the tiger herd came to frantically grab the ground of minced meat.Without chewing, swallowing large pieces of bone meat directly into their stomachs, a group of tigers look like refugees hungry for a week.After a while ran to the corner to spit out the bones and meat, full of bile bones began to eat.

The most impressive was an elephant.The elephant is usually responsible for attracting tourists.This elephant, I’m very impressed. The first time I saw the elephant, the hatred of the elephant’s eyes, the dark fire burning wildly in the two pupils.The elephant was very anxious in the cage and kept going around, pulling the cage with its nose.At that time, I saw that the elephant’s entire back was deeply dented into a huge pit, a spinal depression that had been ridden by tourists all year before.The skin on the back is light in color and is a side effect of saddles all year-year-old.Look at the elephants eating dried grass bags, the elephant pavilion next to the grass house, grass room stacked with several meters high grass bags row after row.The elephant would not have eaten the grass if it had not been very hungry.

I was a little sad, so sent some fruit. ,That year,mangosteen is 35 yuan 500g, bought 5 catties of Mangosteen, 5 catties of bananas and some pears。It’s the same for an elephant as someone eating an ice cream.When it arrived,the elephant ate up the bananas.While eating mangosteen, I handed the elephant a mangosteen, the elephant with his nose into his mouth chewed twice. Suddenly the elephant put its nose into his mouth and took out the broken mangosteen. Incredible eye on this mangosteen.It seems to have never eaten mangosteen, eyes clearly fixed on the nose of the mangosteen.As if not a mangosteen, like a girl fine end of a pure ruby.Eyes full of doubts, it stared at the mangosteen for a long time and sent the mangosteen to the mouth.I watched the anger in the elephant’s eyes disappear.It is a very kind and handsome elephant. Many people keep fewer animals. If you keep more, you will understand.An animal’s good and evil, people can be clear, some animals are born good will not hurt people.The simplest thing is to see the eyes clear, the eyes of animals will not be lie.This is an elephant must be a very gentle man.Later it began to eat mangosteen one after another do not vomit, and finally there are 5 mangosteens.The elephant picked up a mangosteen with its nose and just tried to deliver it to his mouth.Suddenly stopped, it thought about trying to pass me the mangosteen.I refused, I did not pick up, it was placed in front of me, see I do not answer, it silently ate the mangosteen.Then picked up a mangosteen handed to me, eyes warmly looked at me.I picked it up and ate the mangosteen, and the keeper next to me was surprised to say that the elephant basically didn’t interact with people,he didn’t know why it was handed food back.Eat the last mangosteen, the elephant put the mangosteen in his mouth, thought for a homepage pulled the mangosteen out of it.A dried mangosteen chewed was handed to me by the nose.Look at me with anticipation, gem-like eyes looking at me.Gemstones are like snow, transparent as red-brown crystals, soft, immaculate and warm.I stared at him, peeled off the mangosteen, ate a few pieces of mangosteen, touched his nose.Turned away from this painful place.

Since then I also understood a truth, sometimes people are not as good as animals.

From then on, I began to hate rubies, brown gemstones, that color, I felt fear and heartache

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