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  • Apples, there are 7,500 kinds of apples on the earth. They are not the same in color of taste.It takes 20 years for a person to eat all kinds of apples.

  • Mosquitoes prefer to bite people who have just eaten bananas.
  • In the Arctic, Eskimos use refrigerators to prevent food from freezing.
  • Mix the cola with the ketchup 1:1 to make a very delicious barbecue sauce.
  • Coke was originally green. Coke is one of the most common drinks, but its predecessor was actually a herbal juice that was green. It was only after people added the additive caramel color that it gradually became the sepia drink it is today.

  • Coconut juice can also be used for infusions.Coconut juice is sterile and acidic, so it can be injected directly into blood vessels for intravenous fluids in an emergency.

  • Eating peeled apples is more divine than coffee.
  • The heat of a slice of potato chips needs to jump rope for a minute to consume.
  • Honey doesn’t expire, even if it’s 500 years old.

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