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Shanesha Taylor, a single mother in Arizona, is homeless, has no job and has two children, a two-year-old and a less-than-one-year-old.

In March 2014, the single mother finally received a job interview, a good opportunity to improve her life with her children, so she decided to go to the interview.

But the homeless woman left her two children in the car for just half an hour during the interview.

It’s a disaster.

Two children, unable to take care of themselves, were lying unsymonsored in a sweltering SUV for half an hour. The child’s cry startled passers-by and the child was rescued. However, the mother was also arrested and charged with child abuse. The poor mother and son of three, even bail can not afford to pay.

Photos of the mother in tears went viral, and a mother who had made a stupid mistake in order to improve her life with her children was jailed for a job interview. The matter aroused public opinion at that time. People think this is a single hard-working mother, should not be treated like this.

Lawyers then came forward to discuss the solution with prosecutors, and a crowdfunding campaign was launched to help the mother pay her bail.

In the end, the kindness of the netizens worked, and the online crowdfunding far exceeded the amount of bail, eventually raising $110,000, and someone offered to offer the mother a job offer. The court also agreed to require the mother to deposit $40,000 of the money into the child’s trust fund and attend parent-child classes so that she would not be prosecuted or jailed.

It’s a happy ending.

Everyone becomes stupid in times of distress and makes mistakes unscanceably, but as long as everyone can understand and help, nothing can be forgiven.

If I were to write a motivation articles, I would write such a sentence to end.

But this isn’t a motivation article, and the story isn’t over yet.

There’s a twist in the story:

The follow-up to this matter was blown out by the media.

The mother would not have been prosecuted if she had put $40,000 into the trust fund, but she didn’t. The 110,000 raised by netizens have been squandered by her.

She spent the money on non-essential items, such as designer clothes, travel, and recording records for her children's father, who had not been seen before. But when they had money, the child’s father showed up.

After spending $110,000, she still didn’t have a job because she looked down on the offer she had been offered, and she turned it down.

The netizens who donated to her were angry and helped her lawyer leave, and the others who helped him were so disappointed that they left 。

And because she didn’t put the money in the trust fund, she’s really going to be sued this time. Alas, what a stupid Shanesha Taylor.

All I can say is that I agree with everyone helping her and I agree with everyone leaving her in the end.

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