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Today’s story is special, because this is what happens between the stars and ordinary people, they are Sun Li and Xiang Haiqing.

In 2002, “Hope in the Mountains” program broadcast, so that the star Sun Li feeling very much, especially to see the difficult living conditions to Haiqing and school dreams, his story deeply touched Sun Li’s heart. For their own dreams, no matter how difficult do not give up, this is not what she have experienced? So Sun Li decided to help him.

And Sun Li is also very low-key and kind, concealing their identity, she did not want to bring pressure to Haiqing, so by Sun Li’s mother contact to Haiqing. And in May 2002, he was given a grant to Haiqing and kept in touch with him to encourage him.

Xiang Haiqing because the first year of the college entrance examination did not take the exam, decided to re-read, Sun Li mother and daughter very supportive of him, and finally he successfully admitted to Shanghai Aquatic Research Institute for Computer Science GmbH, the beginning of the school year, Sun Li personally to pick him up, to Haiqing to know the true face of their benemen, actually is the big star Sun Li!

Sun Li thought that the university spent more, admitted that not only will contract his university expenses, living expenses will also be an additional subsidy of 1000 yuan, this money in 2005, really can make the quality of life a lot higher.

And things did not develop in a good direction, to Haiqing learned that all these years to help their own people are Sun Wei, suddenly changed his temper, feel that he has backstage, and he thought that since she is a star, there must be countless money, their own depravity does not matter.

So in the university study time, to Haiqing completely do not learn, game life, to Sun Li to ask for money is more and more excessive. Obviously, he was not the honest and simple teenager he was. At this time Sun Li thought that he had just went to college, the demand for money is normal.

But Haiqing actually more and more excessive, and finally things still revealed, Sun Li learned the truth, feel very sad, also decided to end his assistance.

And can not get funding to Haiqing, began to become crazy, and even began to vilify Sun Li mother and daughter, he understood the impact of public opinion on artists, so he made up a false letter to Sun Li mother and daughter, posted on the Internet.

The letter mainly said that Sun Li just hope that he can establish a positive image, to Haiqing are false promises, never fulfilled, but he did not expect that the people is stronger than the power of public opinion , to Haiqing’s classmates have called out, exposed his evil deeds.

Later to Haiqing in school also can not be a person, go home for a year off, and after graduation, looking for a job has become a difficult problem, because of his bad deeds, employers are also very cautious, do not want to hire him, and his life path is more and more bumpy.

The lesson of this story is that compassion for stupid people is the lowest level of stupidity.

Helping stupid people is the stupidest mistake.

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