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1. Money can solve 99% of the world’s problems.

2. Listening carefully to the other person’s words while chatting is more likely to win over others than interrupting the conversation to express your opinion.

It’s no use knowing anyone when you’re useless.

4. Having a long-term perspective can save a lot of things.

As you become more and more exposed to society, you will find that money and looks are very important.

6. Active learning is the secret to widening the gap with your peers.

7. Make money things don’t like, and like things don’t make money.

8. Never overestimate your relationship with others.

9. There are only interests, no rights and mistake in the adult world.

10.Not taking the initiative is the answer, not responding is to refuse.

11. The person who contacts you occasionally either has something to do or borrows money.

12. Growth is constant loss.

13.20 years old, will be the poorest age in your life, but you have the most valuable wealth, is your age and the lowest cost of trial and error!

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