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9 Common Traits Of Highly Intelligent People.

1、You prefer to spend time alone
rather than with a noisy group of friends.

People with high IQs prefer to spend time alone with a large group of friends. They sometimes even speak to themselves loudly, which is a sign of a person’s super-high IQ and madness.

2、You learned how to read at an early age.

Scientists believe that reading broadens children’s horizons and makes them smarter. Of course, the types of reading should also be rich and diverse, not limited to a certain type of books.

3、Your height is above average.

Studies have shown that taller children perform better on IQ tests, while taller 3-year-olds also perform smarter than their peers.

4、You used to attend a music school.


5、You don’t suffer from obesity

Body mass index (BMI) was also linked to cognitive function. Scientists have found that overweight people also have lower IQs than the average person.

6、But you don’t really enjoy working out.

Scientists have found that people who prefer mental work are less active, while those who have less demand for cognitive function prefer exercise. People with high IQs prefer activities that require patience and a lot of brainpower, such as playing chess.
7、You’re overly sensitive to sounds.

For people with high IQs, the creaking of the floor, the sound of eating chips, and even the sound of heavy breathing can be distracting. Scientists have found that geniuses who don’t go the usual way often can’t cope with the noise around them.
8、Your ring finger is longer than your index finger.

Scientists have observed that ring fingers are better at solving math problems and earn more, but language problems may be a challenge for them.
9、You often feel anxiety and are inclined to panic.

Psychologists have found that smart people tend to be more pessimistic when it come to filling in unpleasant situations. They are better able to cope with the potential difficulties in life, but live under constant stress.

Well, isn’t it funny. How many did you match?

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