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The other day, my husband and I had a big fight at the dinner table. The cause of the matter is that I casually asked my husband, I heard you speak on the phone yesterday said that there is problem can not be solved?

My husband says it’s nothing.

I asked again, huh? What’s going on?

My husband impatiently said, tell you you do not understand, what to ask.

I am angry retort, I do not want to care about you Am I not even qualify to ask questions?

We’re in such a standoff.

Until my husband said, why are you so strange?Do I have to tell you anything?

The meal was completely reduced to a battleground for mutual questioning between husband and wife. That’s a very hurting sentence.First of all, I’m your stranger,and secondly, I can’t help you solve the problem. So you don’t need to tell me anything. This sentence pushed the sense of alienation between the two of us to the extreme. It means that our dialogue must be valuable and meaningful. Otherwise, there is no need for dialogue!!!

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