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Yunnan, China has a special eating habits that is like to eat insects, and some areas of people’s love of insects reached a crazy degree, and insect species are also very rich, bees, bamboo worms, ant eggs, flower spiders and so on these insects are Yunnan people’s plate meal, and the practice is only a single frying, but is loved by Yunnan people.

Cow sprinkling is the Yunnan Yi people used to feast guests of the world famous dishes, but understand the way this dish is made, presumably many people will not eat, this is mainly made with yellow beef and beef belly mixed, but its flavored ingredients are very “heavy taste”, is cooked with the things not digested in the stomach, with beef to eat together.

Cambodia’s night market has a special cuisine for fried cockroaches. I can’t imagine.

The insects look terrible. But it is a delicious ingredients, can be steamed can be stewed, can be fried, delicious, sweet and smooth.

When a snake bites a chicken, the chef catches a poisonous snake and lures it to bite a live chicken. After the hen’s body temperature is still alive, bloodletting and hair removal are carried out, and finally the chicken and snake are cooked. Why do you use such a vicious method? In fact, the snake venom can be converted into non-toxic protein under high temperature, and protein is the real freshness source of the taste.

In the guangzhou countryside, in the autumn, farmers catch mice, used to make mice dry, although the mouse dry shape is very disgusting, in the visual has a strong impact! But the mice are not only delicious, but also high in protein and rich in nutrients.

These round one of the meat is the chicken, that is, the testicles of the rooster, is in the Guangzhou countryside, the rooster grows to a certain size will be castrated, so there is this food.

This is the vul genital part of a cow, also known as cow joy. Used to fry very tasteful, cattle happy to wash and cut, meat is very normal, eat very refreshing, and no strange taste, we can rest assured to eat.

There are China’s previous internet particularly popular eating methods, bananas and winter dates, heard that their combination feels like eating shit, some say like eating flies.

I went home to try it, it was really hard to eat, I doesn’t know what it tastes like. I think you’d like to try it, too, and you can tell me in the comments area how you feel after eating.

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