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Before you say this amazing gift, let’s introduce you to what pancake fruit is. A common Chinese pie snack, like a Mexican roll, can be added to your favorite food, usually sandwiched eggs, sausages, vegetables, potato silk and so on. Its market price is at 5 yuan plus.

On my 18th birthday, I was sent a pancake fruit by my classmates.

This pancake fruit is not ordinary, very memorable, because the students specially pre-ordered, the total price reached 20 yuan.

Because the school canteen is cheap, in order to make up enough for the price of 20 yuan, skilled pancake aunt gave me a pancake to a dozen eggs.

A normal pancake fruit has only one egg, as shown below.

The end product is huge, very heavy in hand, that weight absolutely does not lose a small birthday cake. I think I can put a candle on the pancake and use the eggs as cream.
So I laughed bitterly in front of the crowd and ate this pound of pancake fruit. I remember very well that I didn’t eat pancakes at all when I first (ಥ_ಥ)
After eating my taste buds, I couldn’t tell the taste of the eggs, and after a long time, I didn’t want to eat eggs.
This is the worst birthday presents I’ve ever received.

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