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1. Demands and habits of sex.

“Do you have a special sexuality?” How important is sex to you? Do we have the same degree of openness to sex? What are acceptable sexual activities? Would you like to try it? ”

2.Attitudes towards the economy.

Who’s in charge of the money? Do you have any pocket money? Want financial independence or an “economic community”? How do you allocate the payment ratio if the income gap between two people is too large?

3. Consumer view.

Where you can save, where you can’t, people are usually dissatisfied, based on the two people’s very different view of consumption.

4. Whether to have children, whether to keep pets.

Now more and more people choose not to have children, and the world’s fertility rate is falling year after year. It is necessary to understand the other person’s willingness to have children, whether to give birth, how many, when to have children, who is responsible for taking them, adoption is an acceptable alternative? And more and more people take pets as part of the family today, keep pets, afraid of not afraid of cats and dogs, what pets, who will be responsible for shoveling care, are worth discussing.

5. The need for personal space.

Which belong to the privacy category, mobile phone can see, diary can see, album can see, for many people, partners should be unreservedly frank, but some people even after marriage also hope to retain a great degree of autonomy, and do not want to share their friends and hobbies, need enough time alone.

6. How disputes are handled.

Who apologized first, did there be a truce, could the Cold War?

7. Can you accept the other person’s past?

For some, breaking up can also be a friend, but for others, connecting with a predecessors is the equivalent of cheating.

8. The other side’s strengths and weaknesses.

What you like about me and what you can’t stand. Talk about and summarize each other’s strengths and weaknesses to get to know each other better. Marriage is a long-term relationship, let each other understand that some aspects of their own need to pay attention to, but also to let each other to the direction of development.

If all these problems can be solved well, then wish you happiness.

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