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  • Want to really let others think you are generous, willing to make friends with you, not as soon as you meet him to eat 500 daily meals but in ordinary life to invite him to eat 10 times 50 ordinary meals.
  • If the heart likes a person but does not have the opportunity to further develop, with her to do more adventurous, such as: go to a haunted house, do roller coaster, skiing, watching horror movies, do these more exciting things at the same time, will speed up the heartbeat, at the same time will let the other side of your dependence on you, think you are very reliable.
  • Those who see what others give and are willing to encourage are wise because they know how to be grateful.
  • When young, the best way to live is sincere and serious people reliable, naturally there will be predecessors willing to promote you, capable people qualified to talk about modesty.
  • Ordinary heart to accept some small sharing of others. For example, snacks, their own desserts or home-made local products do not always feel bad to take other people’s things. Others sincerely share, you are hard to refuse the words will make him very embarrassed.
  • When you are thinking “do you want to say this sentence”, close your mouth firmly, this sentence said you 90 percent after each.
  • Go to someone else’s house as a guest, no matter how good your relationship is, don’t go empty-handed, otherwise the other side will think you don’t respect him after they come to their home, don’t be too casual. You two have a good relationship, your personal friendship, visiting home is like diplomacy.
  • Whether a person is worth dating is not about what he says but about what he does.
  • Learn to praise others sincerely and concretely. To come from the heart, and can not be too broad, boasting about a girl’s ring is far more beautiful than directly boasting that she is beautiful.
  • Don’t challenge or revise your superiors’ or elders’ decisions in front of others. Just like in a meeting, you feel that the leader said a point is not quite right, just pointed out in the meeting, so that the other side will not come down. But if you talk to him about it in private, he’ll think you know the big picture and it’s worth cultivating.
  • In real life, the best attitude for those who look unhappy is to go away from. It’s hard to please them, the best way is to minimize intersections.
  • First impression corrections often take months or even years, so be sure to leave a good white first image, which will greatly save future correction costs.
  • Don’t take the initiative to give advice too often, which can make others feel offended.
  • The premise of making others believe you is to be confident. This is not a polite thing to say, in fact, most people do not know you very well, can not build trust in the short period before the cooperation, during which time, the more confident you are, the stronger the trust between the two sides.
  • When you go out and relax together, try to take care of everyone. If someone’s out of the team, remember to wait for him.
  • Learn to save money and manage your money, save 30% of your income every month, and if you stick to it for a year, you’ll find yourself with a lot more money.
  • Always retain a 30% sense of mystery. This will give you more leeway in your daily communication, and you can also enhance your personality.
  • Don’t lend money to people you don’t know, or people you don’t connect with for a long time. They can find you to borrow money, indicating that they can no longer borrow money from acquaintances.

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