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Last Thursday at 7 p.m., Chaoyang Grand Hyatt City, the most lively time.

Eight-tone box music, a couple suddenly went to the center of the atrium began to dance.

People were drawn to gather, and the girl suddenly took off her white dress. Below the knee is a pair of steel prosthetic legs.

The crowd was surprised and began to talk.

A master and his partner tangled for half a day: is it true? Or a fake? If it’s real, why don’t you have legs?

“I’m a real person, wearing a prosthetic leg. “The girl who has no legs but is still dancing is called Liao Zhi.

You may not have heard Liao Zhi’s story.

Survivors of the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008.

She was crushed under four floors for 26 hours and lost both his legs.

In order to save his life, Liao Zhi, a dance teacher, signed his consent for amputation surgery.

After the earthquake, she became a symbol of strength and hope in people’s hearts. Wenchuan earthquake survivors, dance teachers who have lost their legs, people in need help…

Many times, the reporter who came to interview just saw her cry, as if to see Liao Zhi do not cry one is not polite enough.

But the compassion and compassion hidden behind these labels and comments is not what Liao Zhi wants.

How on earth do you dance without legs?

Liao Zhi has learned to walk twice in his life.

The first time was when she was one year old.

The second is 24 years old.

After the amputation, installing the prosthesis, learning to walk again.

In 2008, Liao Zhi underwent two operations.

She had an amputation in May and a second amputation in July because of an infection.

After being discharged from the hospital, she began living with prosthetics for twelve years.

The first time to wear a prosthesis, Liao Zhi’s weight is only 50 pounds, there is no way to lift nearly 20 pounds of prosthesis, standing straight are difficult.

She was afraid to walk out the door, afraid of wrestling, afraid of falling and not standing up again.

In 2009, Liao Zhi funded a foundation to do new prosthetics in Canada.In 2009, Liao Zhi went to Canada to make a new prosthetic limb with the support of a foundation.

The doctor asked her, “What do you want to do?” Do you want to swim, run, ski, climb, dance, or grow tall? “I’m going to grow tall!” Liao Zhi blurted out.

Also that time, Liao Zhi found that not all prosthetic limbs need to be made into skin tone, from the outside look like a real leg.

The technician asked Liao Zhi to choose the color of the acceptance cavity himself. Altman, Spider-Man, Superman… You can do anything you want.

“I suddenly realized that the prosthesis can also be like a work of art, it’s like a embellishment on your body, not a burden.”

Every person you can see walking on a prosthetic limb is a little mermaid – every step you take is at the tip of a knife. Every two or three minutes, Liao Zhi’s leg swells, so painful that the prosthesis must be removed. There is a long way from installing prosthetic limbs to a life of freedom. Groping, practicing, pain every step of the way.

The real change in Liao Zhi’s relationship with these legs began with knowing her husband.

In 2013, Liao Zhi went to CCTV to participate in “Dancing Out of My Life”. She wants to try more dance styles, and she wants to find herself dancing in high heels before the earthquake.

At that time, Liao Zhi wore a prosthetic limb, simply can not wear high heels. She found a prosthetic company in Shanghai and customized the new one. It was there that Liao Zhi met Charles.

At first, Liao Zhi was just one of Charles’s patients.

“He told me that some people have mechanics, bones, muscle groups or something, and at first I thought it was really hard to understand, but then I found it really useful, and the deformed places were slowly corrected.”

Charles, who was a little impatient with Liao Zhi at first, won Liao Zhi’s trust with his profession.

“I knew then that wearing a prosthesis was a systematic project, and if it wasn’t worn correctly, not only would the legs be affected, but the pelvis, spine, etc. would be irreversibly damaged.”

Liao Zhi found that Charles was more interested than Liao Zhi himself about whether the legs had helped her walk better.

“I intuitively think it’s a very reliable technician.”

Liao Zhi still remembers that the day when Charles was moved was a particularly sunny day.

In the fourth month of their acquaintance, Charles Jolyozhi ate hot pot and formally asked, “Can I invite you to be my girlfriend?” “

“I looked at him and he said you don’t look at my face, you can’t see anything from my face, but you can touch my heart.”Charles grabbed Liao Zhi’s hand and put it on her chest, and at that moment she thought in her head, “I’m going to think again,” but blurted out, “Okay.” “In Charles’s view, prosthetics, like glasses, are just our tools.On their first date, Charles encouraged Liao to change into a short skirt and reveal his prosthetic limbs and go out with him.”It’s not something that’s out of sight.” The next year in May, the two married, Liao Zhi be the bride of May.

At the wedding, Liao Zhi appeared in a wheelchair, Charles on the scene for Liao Zhi put on a prosthesis, is to hope that all relatives and friends to accept Liao Zhi’s physical disability reality.

Since then, Charles has done a lot of legs for Liao Zhi: legs dedicated to running, daily legs, legs designed specifically for body changes during pregnancy…

Liao Zhi’s most commonly used legs now consist of three parts.

The feet are wrapped in EVA material of skin tone, and in summer, Liao Zhi will paint his “feet” with colored nail polish.

The back of the foot is two black ball-shaped “ankles”, adjusted here, the back of the foot can be adjusted to wear flat shoes or high heels angle.

Further up, there are two silver connecting tubes, which are Liao Zhi’s calves.

Now, when she goes out every day, Charles is the one who cares most about her legs.

“My husband will always urge me, your heel adjusted no, will not be too far back, will not be too far forward, knee will not hurt.”

Someone rolled up the trouser tube and said he had worked for the same company for more than a decade and had never been known to wear a prosthetic.

Because once he was known to be an amputee, he was seen as a disabled person.

“My value as a human being is erased.”

There is no doubt that Liao Zhi is the relatively lucky and courageous one among amputees.

“I had my leg amputated, okay, I accept the status quo,” she said. In this state, I find another way out. “

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