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High school that year, because the doctor said a word, almost thought they were going to hang up.

In the some day at home bath, suddenly nosebleeds, not a drop, but out of a beach.

I didn’t know if I was feeling chest tightness by blood vertigo or because my chest was stuffy and nosebleeds, so I felt out of breath.

I immediately loudly called my parents, parents saw my pale face, a beach of nosebleeds on the ground, hastened to send me to the clinic at the door of the community.

The doctor at the clinic measured my heartbeat with a stethoscope and said to my parents, “You havetened to send him to the big hospital, don’t delay any longer, I can’t see here.” ”

My parents immediately took me to the city’s largest hospital (I’m in a small city on the fourth line), the emergency room doctor examined, as if to find a very terrible thing, suddenly shouted “oxygen tank!” ”

Then, as in the TV show, I was helped into an emergency bed with an oxygen mask over my mouth. Bumping in the middle of the night I suddenly snr, feel both legs soft into noodles, breathing is also very heavy and difficult.

The doctor said, “The situation is very serious, life-threatening now, must be hospitalized immediately!” “My parents followed the doctor’s instructions and went through the formalities immediately.

After a short night, I became lying motionless in bed, covered with dynamic electrocution map tentacles, mouth still covered with oxygen mask of the seriously ill patients.

Crucially, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

I’m thinking, I should be terminally ill.

I regret not confessing my secret love for the boy.

My parents stayed with me all day, and the doctor spoke quietly, which strengthened my belief. I lay there for two days, half a dream and half awake and heard the doctor say he was going to give me heart surgery.

That afternoon, I woke up confused and found my uncle, uncle and cousin all coming.

In a trance, I have a feeling of being farewelled. I pinched my mother’s hand and said a long speech to my parents.

This passage still makes me blush, but no one has joked, and no one has ever mentioned it again.

I probably said, I knew I would not be a good child, so that without my parents will not be so sad, no matter what, mom and dad you must be good. (My parents often quarreled during that time.)

At a time of fear and sadness, my father made the wisest decision to transfer to hospital. The hospital tried to block, said that on the road at any time will happen, my father did not listen, drove me to the provincial city hospital.

It cost a lot of effort to find the experts of the provincial hospital.

The expert checked it out and downplayed it, saying, “You just have a slower heartbeat than normal people, and a lot of athletes do, and it doesn’t make any impact.” ”

My father is still not assured, with me in the hospital to live down, thoroughly and thoroughly all over the various examinations, the difference is that this time even a pill was not opened, day check, night shopping, night back to the hospital to sleep.

A week later, I came back alive.

Almost ten years on, I’m still normal. Just because of the provincial expert’s words, I have a healthy body without a pacemaker. Experts may not remember ever having a patient like me, but I really appreciate it.

I can’t imagine what I would be like now if my parents had been fooled by a local doctor and agreed to have heart surgery and a pacemaker in my teens.

When I got back to school, I immediately told the boy I was in love with him, that was my first love.

Those doctors are really too evil to understand anything, not to sell medical equipment to ruin a child’s life.

Those doctors are so bad that they don’t know anything, letance they can’t sell medical equipment to make money and ruin their children’s lives.

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