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1.A tramp painted himself a home in the street.

2.When the soldier met his father, he hugged him tightly.

3.Before being adopted, the dog’s eyes were full of timidity and fear.

4.A dog is feeding the lamb with a bottle and drinking milk.

5.A child with a physical disability, holding chalk to draw two legs for himself, this is probably his life can not achieve the wish.

6.When netizens went to the restaurant with her husband, they saw a little boy begging alone and bought him a meal by the way. And when they left the restaurant, they saw a scene where the little boy was feeding his sister very carefully.

7.During the Victory Day parade, the old man found himself the last soldier in the World War II squad.

8.A mother’s search for someone. “I will find you, I will never give up on you.” Love your mother.

9.The same age, a different fate.

10.If there is a home, who wants to wander.

11.After winning the Miss Thailand 2015 competition, Khanittha went home kneeling in front of her mother, who had raised her own child.

12.Kevin Elliott, a 24-year-old soldier, and his good friend Barry Dillani had agreed in a joke that the two would wear a women’s dress to the funeral of the deceased, regardless of who died first.

13.When the soldier first met his baby daughter.

14.When Arnulfo Castorena won his first swimming gold medal at the Paralympics in Mexico.

15.When his wife lost her memory, the man taught her the letters again.

16.When the little cancer patient painted his wish in the mirror.

17.On the streets of the winter evening, a father who picked up his daughter from school took off his thickest cotton clothes and put them on. Cersei trembled and looked at her daughter lovingly, for fear that she would accidentally trip over her clothes, which were about to be dragged to the ground.

18.It was an ordinary wedding, but when the music sounded, the paralysed father in a wheelchair suddenly struggled to stand up, quiveringly holding his daughter’s hand and accompanying her on the most important part of his life.

The old man had been paralysed for many years, and the doctor said he would only be able to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. But when he learned of his daughter’s marriage, he secretly prepared for most of the year, in the physiotherapist, carer’s help, hard carrying the pain of the body barely learned to walk.

At the wedding, no one knew the special “dowry” that the father had prepared for his daughter.

19.In order to save his wife’s life, he hung up the “for his wife’s kidneys” sign everywhere.

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