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On June 22, a “nanny arson case” took place in a high-end residential complex in Hangzhou.

Three children and a hostess died in the fire, two boys, an 11-year-old, a 6-year-old, and a girl who had just turned 9.

Just because the babysitter be greedy, and then put a fire, burned the whole original happy family.

The child’s father, Lin Shengbin, survived a business trip.For a while, he couldn’t accept the reality and cried.

Lin Shengbin and his wife Zhu Xiaozhen are a self-made husband and wife, like all entrepreneurs, sweating all the way to move into this high-end district from the beginning of the rental housing.

Because know how difficult it is to fight at the bottom of the people, so in the face of this cooking is not very delicious, not very talkable Mo Huanjing, Lin Shengbin family still opened a high salary of 7,500 yuan.

But what did she do in return?

Show off in Zhu Xiaozhen’s luxury car.

Follow Mr. Lin’s private jet around.

At peace of mind, greedy and insatiable enjoyment of the employer’s family life.

Even so, the kind-hearted Lin Shengbin family, after hearing the nanny who had been home for less than a year, said they needed money to build the house, they loaned her 100,000 yuan without suspicion.

And what does that come in exchange for?

Mo Huanjing is increasingly bold to steal.

First Zhu Xiaozhen’s watch, then jewelry gold, finally do not know how many times to steal, by the Lin family children bumped into. Even so, Lin Shengbin did not too much difficult to her, just told her, when he returned from a business trip, the termination of employment relations.

Just did not expect, such kindness and kindness, in exchange for a fire, and the lives of 4 families.

That big,super cute daughter, gone.

Those two lively and lovely, innocent sons, gone.

And the married couple, and finally did not wait until the white-headed old age.

Fortunately, the vicious nanny was sentenced to death.

In this world, any mistake can be forgiven. The only thing you can’t forgive is to take advantage of the kindness of others.

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