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Is man so cruel?

In the lab, the necks of several young monkeys were tightly strangleed by metal iron frames and forced to stand with a painful expression. A small hound lay hopelessly in a cage full of its own blood and faeces, as its throat was crushed down a few minutes earlier and it was forced to be fed medication. A cat is inserted into multiple needles at the same time, its feet lying on the table… The cruel images of the cruelty of small animals came from the Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology, a German experimental company, and were recently captured undercover by animal protectors using hidden cameras.

Women’s eyebrow pens, eyeliner, mascara and other cosmetics, in fact, at the expense of many dead rabbits in the laboratory completed! In order to make the product safe and avoid irritants, cosmetics must be applied to the animal’s eyes to test whether the experimental substance will cause inflammation of the eyes.

This is the 1944 Dreitz test, most cosmetics will choose the white rabbit as the test object, because the rabbit’s eyes do not secrete tears. First let the rabbit move, and then apply mascara on the eyes of the white rabbit 1000 times, and finally the eyes of the white rabbit may be inflamed, festering, blind …

Since 1960, scientists at the Natural History Museum in New York have been conducting a inhuman experiment on cats for 17 years, until Henry. Spira succeeded in stopping the experiment.

To test the cat’s ability to sex, scientists removed part of the cat’s brain, destroyed the cat’s olfactory ability, or removed nerves from the cat’s sex device, destroying the cat’s tactile nerve.

The team tested the sexual abilities of cats that lost all kinds of physiological functions.

It’s really shocking to see these pictures, and we should be like every World Experimental Animal Day: make every life you give more meaningful.

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