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A sudden outbreak disrupted everyone’s peace.

Watching the growing number of confirmed cases every day, every day brushing all kinds of magic news.

Or moved, or angry, or sad, or sad…

I picked up 20 sparkling moments.

It might move you.

It may bring you to tears.

1. Wenchuan residents spontaneously support 100 tons of vegetables in Wuhan.

After the 512 earthquake in 2008, more than 100 injured people in Wenchuan were sent to several hospitals in Wuhan city for free treatment. Under the care of medical staff in major hospitals in Wuhan, all the injured were not dead, infected and had no sequelae. After the outbreak, Wenchuan villagers said: “We Wenchuan people, the most should be grateful.” “Under the leadership of the village branch book, day and night to send vegetables to major medical institutions in Wuhan.

2.Little sister cooks 800 meals for the hospital every day.

After the closure of Wuhan, most of the shops have closed, only a very small shop, has been busy. The owner is a small sister, she called the family together every day, desperately make boxes of rice, specializing in the supply of gold and silver tan and other hospital medical staff. Make 800 to 1000 servings a day.

3. Give the people of Wuhan the best!

Shandong Landmark Association raised 35 tons of materials to help Wuhan, these rice, vegetables, grain and oil … It was raised spontaneously by farmers, and some even donated a year’s harvest.

Interviewed on behalf of the village name is the village branch secretary, he said: “We ordinary people, can only make such a contribution …”

After saying that, he reached out to wipe away his tears.

4.The head nurse, Zhang Min, said to his 4-and-a-half-year-old daughter, “I’m going to fight the monster, I’ll be right back, okay?” “

The daughter refused to let her mother go, but she must have known that her mother was the omnipotent Altman.

5.A villager in Changde, Hunan province, donated 18,000 masks after the outbreak.

But this batch of masks is actually before he worked, the factory can not pay to pay for the wages, but he donated all.

Many netizens said they wanted to give him money, but he said: “Who give me money I will not want!”

6.The girl, named Chen Xueyan, was traveling in Nepal when the outbreak occurred. Knowing that her home was short of masks, she immediately ran through a nearby pharmacy and bought 5,800 masks. With so many people back home, she thought about throwing away her clothes and toiletries and emptying her suitcase to pack them. Finally, she returned home with four boxes full of masks, which were given free of charge to medical staff and those in need. And she immediately threw herself into the front line.

7.A public security checkpoint in Nanjing on January 31.

A white car was parked on the side of the road and a man in a mask came down.

As he carryed the box from the car, he said to the police, “Take something for you!” I came back from the Turkish flesh. “

Police a look, is a large box of masks, hastened to ask him: “Your last name?” “

The man replied: “Chinese”

8.Shandong Sun, a sanitation worker old man, came to the police station put down a paper bag and turned away.

Police officers at the police station opened the paper bag and found 12,000 yuan and a note that read: “Emergency transfer to Wuhan.” “

The old man may not know how to make an online donation, but the most reliable way he can think of is to hand it over to the police.

9.Yangzhou, a 10-year-old girl, accompanied by her family, came to the police station to donate her duckling deposit pot.

Inside is 495 yuan, is her hard-earned pocket money for a long time.

After donating, she jumped away, especially happy.

10.On January 30, a mysterious man rushed into the West Lake police station and said I wanted to donate.

Put down 100,000 Hong Kong dollars and run away.

The speed is so fast that even the police haven’t caught up.

11.The doctor on the front line of the anti-epidemic in Binzhou, Hunan Province, worked continuously for 48 years before taking advantage of the lunch slot to see his son, who was also on duty.

They couldn’t see each other, but he father took out a pen and paper and wrote down the word “refueling”.

Is the father and son, but also the doctor who fights together, need not say more, all understand.

12.We know that the construction of the Raytheon and Fire Mountain hospitals can be called “miracles of the world”, but miracles are created by such ordinary people one after another.

The workers who built the hospital went to the site and said, “No money, volunteer.”

I know there are many ordinary people who are expressing their goodwill. I don’t know what else to say except thank you. Why do I always firmly believe that suffering will pass. Because this land has countless glittering ordinary people, good people, let us feel warm, let us feel incomparable peace of mind. These people are our hope. We don’t know their names, we can’t see what they look like, and their stories will soon be covered by other stories. But I hope we never forget them. Don’t forget the medical staff who rushed to the front line the first time, don’t forget the drivers who went to Wuhan day and night, don’t forget the workers who built the hospital sleeplessly, don’t forget the strangers who threw money and masks and ran away… Never forget the touch they bring us, never forget the light in them. That’s the light of hope.

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