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Every time I see this problem, I think of a girl who was trafficked by a trafficker, and then she found out and sold the trafficker to another trafficker.

(This is a real thing, not a story. CCTV’s legal program has a report. You can check it out.)

The girl’s name is Liu Hui. She has just graduated from high school and is not yet 18 years old. She went to play in the city and was ready to go home. A thief stole her purse at the station. When she found her purse was gone, she said, “I lost my wallet. Who has stolen my purse?”.

At this time, a beautiful woman in her thirties came to her and said, “sister, you lost your wallet. Where are you going? Liu Hui said she wanted to go home and the place where she lived. She also said that she had no money to buy a ticket.

The woman said, “what a coincidence. I’m from there, too. We’re fellow villagers. I’ll buy you a ticket.”.

Liu Hui said, “thank you, elder sister. It’s very kind of you. I’ll pay you back when I get home.”.

The woman said her name was Mei. She bought a ticket for Liu Hui and went home with her.Mei said she works in a company run by her husband in the city. Liu Hui can be introduced to work. Liu Hui is very grateful to her. When she got to the county seat and got off the bus, Mei said that her uncle’s house was here and asked Liu Hui to accompany her to get something. Liu Hui thought that Mei had helped her and was a good person, so she agreed to go with Mei.

At Uncle Mei’s house, uncle Mei received them, but Aunt Mei went out. They talk in the room. When aunt Mei comes back, she brings back a thin and dirty man. The man stares at Liu Hui as soon as he enters the room. After a while, Mei says to Liu Hui, “sister, I’ll talk to my uncle about something. Go to the house and have a rest first.”. Then he took Liu Hui to another room and let her rest in bed.

Liu Hui felt something was wrong when she was in the room. Why is that dirty man always staring at her? Oh, is it possible that Mei is a human trafficker who wants to sell me to that dirty man?

She opened the door and found it locked from the outside. She was thinking about what to do. Seeing that the room was connected to the storeroom, she went to the storeroom, moved the stool, and saw the room through the window slot.

When she saw the room opposite, Mei said, how nice the girl is. Asked the dirty man How much is Liu Hui? 4000 yuan after negotiation. Mei said that taking Liu Hui away during the day will be found by others, and they will act again when it is dark. The man left.

Liu Hui lies in bed pretending to sleep. Mei said she wanted to take her out for a walk.

Liu Hui takes the opportunity to tell Mei that she has three good sisters who live in the neighborhood. She once said that she would like them to work with her.

Mei thought that it was a good business to make three more people’s money, so she agreed to Liu Hui, took her away from here and took her to the town where her home was.

When she got to the town, Mei stayed in a hotel and asked Liu Hui to find her friend. Liu Hui left the hotel, thinking that she was safe now. She wanted to report the case, but she had no evidence. If Mei didn’t admit it, she couldn’t help it. However, she want to revenge the traffickers. At this time, she saw a man with one eye on the road smoking outside.
She spoke to the man and said, “uncle, if you don’t go home so late, your wife should be worried.”

One eyed man says I don’t have a wife yet. I don’t look good. Who wants to marry me. Liu Hui lowered her voice and said that if you have money, you can’t get a wife? You can buy it. A man with one eye said, “where can I buy it?” Liu Hui said that I know a woman in her thirties who is very beautiful. If you like, I can introduce it to you.
One eye said that’s great. How much do you want? Liu Hui said, five or six hundred yuan is fine. One eye said,Ok.

Liu Hui went back to the hotel and saw Mei telling her a lie that she had planned in advance: elder sister, I told my friends that they were very happy and would like to go with me to your place. However, their parents did not agree with me and insisted that you go there. Go to meet them and tell them.

Liu Hui took Mei to a one eyed man and said that his uncle had come to see the guests. The one eyed man brought them in. Liu Hui said to Mei, “sister, you sit first.” I will inform all my friends and their parents. “

Liu Hui came out. One eye man came out with her and gave her 500 yuan. Liu Hui went home. When she got home, Liu Hui cried when she saw her parents. She told her parents what happened today. Her parents told Liu Hui that we had to go to the police. So she went to the police station and called the police. After listening to Liu Hui’s story, the police said to her, “thank you for coming to report the case to us. But you sell Mei, we will detain you.”. The police took Liu Hui to find a man with one eye, but the man with only one eye was at home, and Mei was not there.

It turns out that the one eyed man is also a trafficker. He raped Mei and sold her to Li in the same village. Later, the police found Liu Mei and them.

The last group of traffickers were jailed, and Liu Hui was exempted from punishment under the age of 18.

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