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This answer, I wrote for a full 2 hours, a total of more than 500 words. It took so long, not because I was typing slowly, but because I sat meditating, summing up all the experiences and essences I’ve learned in my current life and putting together these 15 articles.

Whether you’re 20s,21s,19s years old, as long as you are willing to read, I can assure you, will certainly help you.

1. If you feel like you have nothing to do, you have no confidence in yourself. Well, the best way is to do a little thing first. As long as you do it well, you’ll get successful feedback on it, positive motivation, and the sense of accomplishment that comes with that feedback will help you get better.

2.Don’t rush to fall in love, 20 years old is not big, before 30 years old, poverty is more important than out of the single. Experience has taught us that once we get out of poverty, it becomes very easy to get out of poverty.

3.The essence of social, is mutual interests. If you don’t take advantage of value, your social life doesn’t make sense.

4.Do not because of loneliness, put down their own criteria for choosing a mate do not because of loneliness, increase the number of people who can go to bed. All sexual activity, must be carried out in a suit, sexually ill and pregnant, which can not afford.

5.Most people’s failure, not because of too many setbacks, but because of too few attempts. So have the idea of starting a business and learning, and try it boldly.

6.No one will laugh at your dream, be laughed at, is your strength. So don’t talk about your dreams until you’re not strong enough.

7. Learn to control your emotions unless your emotions solve the problem. Otherwise, we will solve the emotions first, and then solve the problem, this is the rational way of doing things.

8. In choosing a major, finding a job, choosing a mate, you need to know what you want to do, rather than listening to the advice of others.

9. Exercise is as important as learning as a child, when you may just be working hard and not seeing anything, but after ten years, the effect will be highlighted. Unfortunately, it was too late for many people to realize the problem.

10.For success, the most important quality is focus. After the age of 20, choose the right direction for you, and then continue to work hard until you become the leader in this direction.

11. For consumption of this matter, as long as it is not needed, cheap also do not. As long as it is what you need, don’t repeat it, buy a new one and throw the old one. Outdated clothes, out-of-date food, obsolete electronics and furniture can all be thrown how far.

12. Don’t try to please everyone, you’re not money, you can’t do what everyone likes, it’s good to please someone you care about.

13. Choice is more important than effort. But my experience is that people who don’t work hard don’t know how to make the right choices.

14. Stomach pain, toothache, headache, are very painful. Directly affect work and life, greatly reduce happiness. So be sure to brush your teeth sooner or later, eat less sugar, exercise regularly, watch the computer and mobile phone pay attention to rest.

15. Knowledge or skills can come in use throughout your life, no matter how long the work or space-time span is.

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