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  • It’s often easier for us to think that the people we’re after are more attractive than the people who pursue us on their own initiative.
  • Body language is the first thing we attract each other (smile, wiggle hair, eye contact, etc.).
  • The tone of a voice can affect attractiveness, women with higher voices attract more men, and men with lower voices attract more women.
  • We found that people with more symmetrical faces are more attractive.
  • Hormone levels, that is, high estrogen levels attract more men, while high testosterone levels attract more women.
  • It’s easier to have love in dangerous situations, and it’s hard to tell whether the heartbeat is true or not.
  • Hugging someone you love triggers the brain to release oxytocin, a chemical that reduces stress and promotes happiness.
  • Seeing pictures of people you love can reduce stress levels, reduce pain levels, and help you recover faster in the event of injury or illness.
  • Love lasts longer when both parties work together to achieve self-improvement. If the two sides are at different paces, the intimate relationship is usually difficult to last.
  • It’s true that the more you make love, the more you love. In the relationship between men and women, sexual activity can promote the secretion of oxytocin, both men and women have more. Therefore, the more frequent sexual activity, the stronger the sense of intimacy and attachment.
  • Don’t ask if they want it before sex, you can ask once or twice.
  • Travel with a person for a few days can show a person’s character, especially in paying bills, cleaning up garbage, attitude towards strangers.
  • Domestic violence. Hit you once, there will be countless times.
  • Men are more likely to be attracted to women who have similar skeletal structures to their mothers. This is called “sexual imprinting”; it’s a term coined by researchers.
  • Multiple appearances can really make the other person like you – the exposure effect.
  • The longer cohabitation before marriage, the more difficult it is to get married and the lower the possibility of marriage.
  • Men will miss their ex after they break up.
  • The more you want to be close to each other, the more you need to establish personal boundaries.
  • The final reason for your separation may be that he did not accept the shortcomings in the beginning.
  • Those who often break up in the mouth of girls may not really want to break up that person, on the contrary, many men really want to break up may not tell you a break-up clearly.

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