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      A person’s mouth can deceive people, but people’s body language can’t deceive people. By getting along with a person, his body language can roughly know his thoughts.

  • Eyes a man’s mouth can lie, but his eyes can’t. Boys are a kind of visual animals. When they like a person, they can’t help but stare at her all the time. Even if it’s not standing face to face with you, but at a party of many friends, he can’t help but stare at you. If you have such a boy around, it means that he is actually very interested in you.
  • Observing a boy’s standing or sitting posture while communicating with you can also detect some clues. Body: a boy who is interested in you will usually face you when he is talking to you, instead of simply turning his head. He will be very sincere with you face to face, foot to foot, and then seriously communicate with you. Hands: if a boy likes you, his hands will not cross each other in front of his chest or in his pocket when he talks to you. You should know that when a person appears these two actions, it means that he still has reservations and doubts about you, and does not accept you in particular. But if he puts his hand on the table when he is talking, it means he wants to be closer to you.

  • When a boy likes you, he will naturally want to create more physical contact with you and observe your reaction at the same time. You can observe whether the distance between him and other people is different from that from you when you are standing or sitting together. Is he closer to you? When you go out to a party with your friends or go out to dinner together, will he deliberately choose some places closer to you. Or maybe he doesn’t often have some physical contact with you intentionally or unintentionally, such as touching your shoulder or arm, pulling you closer to the inside of the road when you walk on the road, and so on. This is all the physical contact that boys who like you will make with you.
  • When a boy likes you, he will also care about his appearance in front of you. When he goes out with you, or any occasion with you, does he dress up carefully? When he appears in front of you, does he change his simple style and suddenly become delicate and meticulous? The clothes are new, the hair is combed neatly, even the shavings on the face will be shaved clean. If so, congratulations. It shows that you have been highly valued in his heart. He cares about the image in front of you.
  • Mirror effect. When a boy likes you, it’s easy to have mirror effect. Even when you make an action, he will subconsciously make some of the same actions. Here’s a little way to test: when you’re on a date, you can try to take a sip of your drink and see if he’ll pick up his drink the next second. You try, touch your hair and see if he’s going to touch his head right after that. Or you touch your face, or your ears, to see if he will subconsciously do the same thing. If so, Congratulations, it means that the boy is paying close attention to you, so he naturally doesn’t know that he will repeat your actions.
  • No matter what you do, no matter what you say, when a boy likes you, he will think you are very cute!. So even if you do something not very interesting or say something that is not funny or even boring, he will still give you a spoiled smile.

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