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1. No one will understand you 100 percent.
2. The girl who is too sensible doesn’t hurt.
3. The order of life is important.
  Meeting too late, his heart has long been branded by other people’s deep traces, even if you no matter how good, you may not catch up with the first love or the previous position in his heart. Meet too early, have not learned how to really love a person, the end of the story can only be regret.
4. Don’t take other people’s reasons for rejecting you seriously.
  Those who say they don’t want to fall in love for the time being may just not want to fall in love with you.
  If he says you don’t meet his criteria, it’s just because he doesn’t like you.
All the specific criteria are designed to give you a reason to refuse you if he don’t like you.
5. The coldness in love is just because you don’t like it.
6. Whether he really likes you depends on whether he is willing to give.
7. There is no real equality in love.
8. The opinions of parents and friends can be referred to.
  After getting along with each other, your parents and friends have questioned each other’s character, so you need to think about it carefully and listen to their opinions carefully.
9.Beauty plus any card is very powerful, such as: education, family, IQ, background, but it must be difficult to win by beauty alone.

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