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  We broke up on January 28, and he broke up mercilessly. That night, I cried and begged him (I think I’m really stupid now). It’s no use. He said he was tired and didn’t want to be together, and I didn’t contact him again. He is my first love. I love him very much when I was together. He is the focus of my life.
  I was really sad when I just broke up. I also imagined that he would come to me. Later, I thought he was not worth it.Happened to the holiday, decided to go out with friends to relax, went to XiAn. Before departure, I sent out a group of questions in the school community, whether who would like to go to XiAn together.There was a boy with me, started chatting, thought the person was very good, so he also went to XiAn to play together.On the evening of February 2, we went to the dance hall together. When it was more than 4 o’clock, I had a little too much to drink.We went to his place to rest for three hours. Nothing happened during this period. I left after 8 o’clock.
 On the evening of February 3, we had dinner together. He said that he liked me. I said that I would think about it. After dinner, he was sent back to the hotel, and nothing happened.Taking a taxi with didi will automatically share the itinerary. The phone number of my ex boyfriend I filled in before automatically shared the itinerary with him. When he knew that I was going to the hotel, he sent me a text message.
  I really don’t understand. It’s him who broke up, he said we didn’t have a relationship with each other, and he said that he didn’t contact. Why did you send me a text message? Just because I’m with people so fast? Come out of sadness so quickly??
So what do you think of this kind of behavior by ex-boyfriends?

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