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  • In Titanic, why did Jack die first? Shouldn’t the temperature in the water be higher than that in the air?
  • In the movie, we often see the secret agent take out a pile of wires from the steering wheel of a car, and then wipe it a few times to start the car. Is it true or not? If so, what is the principle?
  • Is it true that a gun wrapped in tin foil can evade security checks?
  • Are handcuffs and locks really as easy to open as in movies?
  • Why do you hide behind doors or walls to hide bullets? Is the bullet so penetrating?
  • Can running back and forth on the top of a high-speed train often seen in movies be realized in reality?
  • Friends who have been in the United States for a long time, do American films have a high degree of restoration of real Americans?
  • Are American prisons really as dark as those in movies?
  • Is it possible for the jury to be manipulated as in the movie runaway jury? What are the common ways to prevent manipulation?
  • How do sports clubs operate? Can players be bought and sold as they are in movies?
  • Why is it that every time a patient is rescued in a TV play or movie, is it really like this? What did you lose?
  • Why do men wake up after one night stands in movies?
  • Why is it that hackers in movies almost never use a mouse, and all of them are keyboards?
  • What are real and fictional in the movie the social network?
  • In the film Red Dragon, does William Blake’s red dragon really exist? If so, what does it mean?
  • Can the smart drug in the movie limitless really be invented?
  • If you’re as curious as I am and you know the answer, don’t be stingy with your comments, OK?

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