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  Love is easy to get along with difficult, we met a person has a heart feeling, if this time the other party happens to have the same heart, this kind of love that both sides like does not need to say much, it can naturally come together.
  Once there are these signals in your relationship, it means that your love is in danger.

1. The standard bottom line has been falling
  Everyone has their own principles and bottom line. Before we fall in love, we have made clear the bottom line of our feelings. Once the other party tramples on our own principles and standards, we should give up the relationship. However, when you really fall in love with a person and associate with that person, you are forced to lower the standard, compromise and tolerate the other party’s trampling on your principles. Appropriate compromise in emotional management should be done, but this kind of compromise of principle will only lower your bottom line again and again, making you look like yourself. True love is to bring positive effects to each other, rather than to lose oneself in the constant compromise and accommodation. If your partner gives you that feeling, you should pay attention to whether the feeling is what you want.

2.You often try to please your partner in order to get love.
  Do you notice that you’re trying to get your partner’s attention, acceptance and recognition? It’s a common way people learn to accept love. We learn in childhood how to please others in order to get these types of “rewards.”.
So you become a “please” to get the love you want. Keep the core belief: “if I do this for you, you will love me.”

3.You feel lonely in this relationship.
  Have you ever tried, or are you in love now, but often find yourself feeling lonely. This is usually a sign that you don’t feel included in the relationship. Your partner is doing their things, such as working long hours, or participating in recreational and social activities, and they choose to do them without you, or even to avoid you. Love means inclusion, so if you experience more rejection than your partner, they don’t really love you. Yes, it’s healthy to have no partner’s interests and activities. However, if the exclusion is more of a rule than an exception, it should be a dangerous sign of a toxic relationship.

4.No mutual respect
  Most friends should respect each other when they get along with each other, let alone their other half? It is very important for couples to respect each other when they get along. The common phenomenon of disrespect is to make decisions for others. As a couple, two people should be close to each other, but sometimes it is easy to interfere with each other and lack respect for each other because of intimacy.
As a result, a person, like an accessory of the other half, has no right to make decisions independently. Mutual respect is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship. Without respect, the emotional foundation will not be stable.

5.Less and less sense of security
  Many people tend to lack a sense of security because they care too much about each other when they are in love. It is normal for them to lack a proper sense of security. A good relationship can also be skillfully handled by the other party, so that each other is full of confidence and security. After all, only when you meet the right person will you feel more and more secure. The sense of trust and security is not only for yourself, but also for whether your other half is willing to make concessions and give you.
  If you fall in love with him, the more insecure you are, the more insecure you are, and the more you feel about losing each other, then this relationship is definitely unhealthy.

6. Full of negative emotions
  A normal person has both positive and negative emotions. When they first fell in love, they were both pink bubbles in their eyes, in the honey pot of love, full of positive emotions all day long. However, after getting along with each other for a long time, many people begin to be full of negative emotions when they are together with their partner. Even when they think of each other, they feel headache and feel bad. If you are with each other, you will always show your most ferocious, ugliest and hysterical side out of control, and you are full of disappointment in life, you should consider your relationship well. A good relationship will make people better and better. When you are always facing unhappiness, unhappiness and unable to control your negative emotions, it is obvious that he will not be what you want.

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