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  I’ve been in love for half a year.
  When I was just together, I once walked drunk and had to hold me in my arms. When I took a step, I could kiss my face, but I couldn’t push it open. I was kissing on my face.
  Always want to marry me, always think I don’t want him. Will kiss me secretly while I’m asleep.
  Just work, in the unit by the gas, will hold the gas ride home, and then see me holding my grievance cry. What a child.
  Yeah, I’m always in a bad mood. He was drunk and said with a smile to a group of friends that I was afraid of my girlfriend. But once I was attacked by a man outside, and he rushed up to kill people (he was a tall man, which was a bit frightening)
  We were together when we were studying. We were ready to get engaged after graduation. I don’t know if it’s love, but I know that I should be tied by this man all my life.
  I just finished, and he saw it. He said, how touching. And then he gave me a kiss on the cheek. Then I continued to visit quora, where he was studying the decoration of a house he had just bought. While studying, we said that when we have children and grow up and go to school, we will move there. Then continue to look forward to, said old on the grass, every day in the playground downstairs for a walk. I suddenly feel that there is a simple way to see whether a person loves you or not. He envisions you in the future. If he thinks that there is your dressing table in the house, the plants you love on the balcony, the doll you like on the sofa, and if you want to walk with you when you are old, it should be love.

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