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This question reminds me of my best friend in high school. My friend is Japanese. He is small and not very impressive, but he has strong expression ability, clear logic, and can accept and understand the diversity of things. He is extremely sensitive to the changes of the environment and the people around me. His academic achievements are undoubtedly among the best.
  None of this, however, is enough to make me say “extremely smart.”.
  What really makes her called “extremely smart” is that she can create a “extremely smart” person for herself. It sounds contradictory, doesn’t it? It’s not contradictory at all. This Japanese girl can easily manipulate other people through “extremely smart” people. I have observed her behavior pattern many times, so I can give you a general description of how she did it.
  The first step she took to build a profile was to look at you. Attention, here is not simply to look at you to finish the job, but with a kind of full of firmness and cunning eyes at you. In the process of being watched, you will feel miserable. You feel like a transparent person in front of her. She can see all the beauty and darkness in her heart.
  And then she’ll find a chance to talk to you. During the conversation, you can feel your personality traits, especially the weak points in your personality, through her reply to you. You may feel ashamed at this time, but it doesn’t matter, because she is also constantly sending a message to you, that is, “I have learned the darkest / tangled / painful side of your heart, but it doesn’t matter, let me understand you and help you.”. As a result, you deeply believe that she has penetrated into your heart, so you begin to trust her, treat her as a spiritual mentor, and can’t help but follow her thinking.
  Our high school has only 200 students and few teachers, so the relationship between teachers and students is very close. Among them, the vast majority of high school teachers and students believe that she has a strong God’s perspective, and take her opinion as a treasure. Students will ask her for advice on interpersonal communication, talk about their emotional / family problems, and find her to solve their learning puzzles. This girl will teach you how to make decisions step by step, and no one will listen to her instructions.
  Adults, including counselors, dormitory teachers and teaching directors, will pay special attention to her suggestions and opinions, and improve the school system based on her views. What impresses me most is that our biology teacher talks to this Japanese girl every day after school: from personal confusion, to discussing various wonderful mechanisms of the world, to asking for suggestions for classroom improvement… This Cambridge graduate, excellent biology teacher, almost regards a young high school girl as a close friend.
  In this way, after gaining everyone’s trust, Japanese girls have become invisible opinion leaders. She can make anyone do anything she wants (but because she has a strong moral sense, so “anything” here refers to something based on good moral standards).
  This Japanese girl has a unique intelligence. Her high intelligence quotient told her that she should create a “extremely smart” human device for herself, so as to achieve the goal that people around her can obey her, and her super high EQ helps her to achieve this goal. It is no exaggeration to say that, because she has a very thorough understanding of the world and human heart (at least in my opinion), I have seriously considered the possibility that she is immortal.
  Maybe I said this process is too simple to make people believe how this Japanese girl can control other people’s psychology and behavior through a few short steps. But believe me, if you meet her in real life, you will know where the power of her eyes and her dialogue with you lies. It’s a kind of magic that I can’t describe in poor words.

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