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  Clean up your ex boyfriend. It’s just disgusting and smelly!
  Recently, I’m old and soft heartedAfter her ex – boyfriend broke up, she begged for forgiveness and compound with an injured dog
Today, I was soft hearted and asked how he planned to pursue me again. What plan did he have? I underestimated his self-confidence too much!
   He just wants to develop me into his gun friend!During the epidemic period, I took the female students home with the flag of exercise, and then went home to drink. She also told me that the students had to drink. If you don’t open the refrigerator, the students could see the wine in the refrigerator. Later, I found out that the students came home to take a bath. The students also asked, “is your bathroom open?”
I’m afraid I’ll check the chat record and delete the chat record with the female students myself! I say it every day, and I’m most annoyed to take the female students. Then I chat with the female students every day. The most disgusting thing is that every time I say to me, “if I have anything to do with her, I won’t have anything to do with you!”!,
Ha ha ha ha ha, I have nothing to do now!
  As a girl student, chatting every day, a little sister who doesn’t have long eyes may want to have an affair with him during our break-up, and run to tell him not to show off! I really admire it! What’s to show off.
  When we are together, there are all kinds of problems, saying that his ex girlfriend has problems, he is very good, and sure enough, slag men love to talk! There is really disgusting to, in exchange for such a disgusting and dreary ugly man’s face! How to teach people with really bad intentions.
  If you want to find a boyfriend, you need to clean your eyes. This kind of disgusting person should take care of yourself. Some people like to pick up rubbish, you know

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