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  When we were young, we believed that the love story between Cinderella and Prince. When we grew up, we realized that it was because there was no such pure love in real life.
  Do you have the courage to look at the cruel truth of marriage?
Protagonist 1: May
Occupation: general staff of foreign enterprises
Age: 37
  May’s ex husband and she met through a friend’s introduction. At that time, may didn’t have much emotional experience. Her ex husband was more likely to coax women. When they fell in love, they were very warm, so they naturally got married.
  After marriage, she soon gave birth to a son. During May’s confinement, she found that her ex husband often went to nightclubs and would look for women. In addition, she also found that he was in debt to gamble and even was on the verge of bankruptcy.
  Because of her poor mood, after giving birth to the baby, she fell into postpartum depression, her health became very poor, and there was no hope for her life.
  After many arguments, she filed for a divorce. Although she also wanted to fight for the custody of her child, she had to leave her former home because she had no one to help her and her ex husband’s family valued her son.
  This is a pain in my heart forever. I feel heartache every time I think about it.” When she said this, she looked into the distance, and I knew she meant the child.
  After the divorce, she worked hard, and through the recuperation of traditional Chinese medicine, her body gradually recovered, and she became powerful.
  Last year, after being introduced, she got to know her husband now. The other party has a short marriage history and no children.
  At that time, he and I were quite consistent in many health concepts, which was very rare among so many blind dates.” In love for half a year, may suddenly found herself pregnant and began to take care of her marriage.
  But did not expect that, although the husband is good, very intimate, but there is a very difficult mother-in-law.
  Because of the betrothal gifts, the two sides had a lot of quarrel. After forced marriage, because of the different ideas with her mother-in-law, they could not reconcile their conflicts in taking care of their children. Her mother-in-law also beat her up, so she had to call the police. She hasn’t seen children for months.
  She added wechat from her husband’s ex-wife from others. At this time, I found out that the first marriage of the other party was due to the deep involvement of her mother-in-law. 
  If you give me another chance to choose, I will still get divorced. No matter how difficult life is, it is my own.”
Protagonist 2: Lele
Occupation: freelancer
Age: 41
  Lele is also a maverick woman in her circle of friends.
  Eight years ago, she went to live in India, where she met her first lover and became pregnant. For some reason, she decided to leave him and return to China, and insisted on having a baby.
  When the child was born three months ago, she took her child to set up street stalls to live. Since the age of 2, she has taken her children around the world and studied everywhere, while living in a foreign country and doing international shopping. Children in Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam have attended kindergarten, a total of seven countries in Asia.
  Due to their rich experience, children are tolerant of the world, can be accepted by different cultures, and easily get together with strangers.
  Lele’s parents were also very worried about Lele’s life, especially her stubborn desire to give birth to her child, and everyone doubted her ability to be a single mother.
  “I also understand that their advice to me is full of love and concern. I accept it all, but I refuse to be brainwashed by them. Even though they were my parents, I refused to listen when they tried to kidnap me with love. In my opinion, the best filial piety is to live a good life. “
  She said so and did the same thing. After settling down in Dali, she continued to set up stalls while doing shopping on behalf of others. At the same time, she took care of her daughter who went to school, and was particularly keen on public welfare activities.
  In the face of such a domineering and confident woman, God naturally has a good arrangement. When she set up the stall, she got to know her husband, who had the same interests. It’s rare that he also attaches great importance to the spiritual field, and he is indifferent to the material things.
  After they got married, they gave birth to a very lovely younger brother to their daughter.
  Her future life, really can not be defined, because, she is a rejection label creator.
  We know the cruelty of marriage, we still do not move forward, because marriage has another name, called happiness.
  Just like the front and back of a coin. Marriage is cruel and more happy, so people have been flocking to it for thousands of years
  As for the direction of marriage, it really depends on you, so please cherish it.

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