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1. Please don’t slide left and right when others show you photos on your mobile phone.
2. When others are sleeping, you should be quiet and don’t be blind.
3. When watching a movie, don’t shake the seat in front of you. It really affects the viewing effect.
4. On the bus or subway, don’t be alone next to the handrail. Take pity on the hands that others have no place to place
5. Please don’t yell at people in the service industry and give them the minimum respect.
6. If you don’t like each other, please say goodbye first and then find the next one.
7. For things you don’t know, it’s the easiest to say “don’t know”
8. Less rhetorical questions: “or what do you think?” “How do I know?” “Do you understand?” These words may have no other purpose, but in fact, they hurt and hurt people and have a great negative effect. If you can use declarative sentences in your life, you don’t need rhetorical questions. 80% of rhetorical questions are used to end the topic.
9. If you don’t do what most people are doing, they will criticize you; if you do something that most people have not done, they will ridicule you.
10. People who gossip in front of you are not because they have a good relationship with you, but because they love gossip. When you are not present, you are the protagonist in their story.
11. Did you find out? People who like others often get more help.
You send a dynamic, the most let you have unexpected favor, is not a diehard, not a classmate, but the stranger who is willing to give you some praise.
In the mobile age, social etiquette is also needed. To like others is one of the most cost-effective. When you’re OK, you can always get unexpected surprises by giving more compliments to a few big guys in your circle of friends. (for example, you can give me a compliment now)

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