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1.    I’ve been hurt

The vast
majority of female students who are in conflict with love have experienced a
far cry from their imagined love.

Once bitten by a
snake, ten years afraid of the well rope, this experience makes it difficult
for them to firmly believe that their imagined perfect love will come one day.

This conflict
between ideal and reality directly makes them declare that they don’t want to
fall in love – in fact, they are in conflict with non ideal love.

2.    I am very aware of my
personality weakness and think that being single is more sensible in this state.

One reason why
many single female friends around me choose not to fall in love is that they
are too tired to fall in love.

In the same
process, the honey of a is the arsenic, which is the difference of the
receiver’s personal point of view.

Girls are very
aware of their own weaknesses and almost foresee that once they fall in love,
they will give each other the right to hurt themselves. However, she has no
power to tie a chicken and can only be “slaughtered” in love.
Therefore, not falling in love is a way of self-protection.

3.    When the “right
person” doesn’t appear, no matter how many pursuers there are, they can’t
touch the heartstrings

There is a
paragraph that says that boys’ mate selection conditions are very tolerant:
“this girl looks good, you can try”, “that girl has a good
figure, you can try it”.Girls are on the contrary: “although he looks
good, but too strong, can’t do it!” “Although he has a good
character, he is not tall enough and still can’t do it!”

4.    Unconsciously push away people
who are close to them

This situation
is true “single by ability”. When people try to get close to you, you
always subconsciously avoid each other and even show contempt.

What’s more, the
more favorable you are to each other, the stronger this instinct is.

it’s because you’re afraid you’re stuck in it and lose yourself. Once the
feelings are regarded as the most important, the following days will not be

5.    Girls often pay more in love
and are more vulnerable to injury

After many girls
fall in love, they not only play the role of girlfriend, but also play the role
of “housekeeper”.

Many of the
details of life have to be taken care of in all aspects, emotional is always
unable to control excessive investment, pay more.

6.    Girls are not motivated enough
to find a partner on their own initiative

From the
perspective of cognitive neuroscience, the driving force that drives girls to
actively establish a love relationship is more like pressure than desire.

On the contrary,
why are many boys so motivated? It’s about learning routines, it’s about
spending time – it’s because they’re driven by intrinsic sexuality and hormones

However, the
driving force for most women to fall in love mainly comes from external
factors, such as:

(1) Lack of
company, some lonely, want to find a rely on

(2) See others
have a favorite object, so some anxious

(3) I want to fall
in love simply because of curiosity

7. On the other hand, resistance continues

Lack of motivation at the same time, but
also resistance, so that she is always unable to convince herself to plunge
into a love.

This resistance may include:

(1)      Get used to a person: have been
completely used to a person’s life mode, although occasionally lonely, but if
you really throw a person into your regular life, you can’t help it.

(2)       Too many friends, rich entertainment: in
addition to the spare time of work, I follow my friends to play everywhere
every day, all kinds of entertainment, I live a free and easy life, and I don’t
realize that I need someone to accompany me.

(3)      It’s too comfortable to live
in. There’s no need to deliberately create what kind of facilities to please
anyone. Even the cowards are just and aboveboard.

8.Scared by
other people’s examples

Friends who are already in love and
married are living examples, constantly alerting those girls who have
expectations for perfect love: reality is reality, and injury is inevitable. In
this way, girls will weigh the pros and Cons: love should be icing on the cake,
but now it’s frightening.

So they will naturally bury their
expectations of love in their hearts, and say it’s good to be single before
meeting the perfect one

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