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In fact,
there will always be two kinds of answers, so when asked when it is not the
beginning, I once saw such an answer in a book. It is very simple: “if you
are strong enough (economic strength, etc.) to control, then choose the one you
love; if you are not capable, choose the one you love.” This answer is
very simple, but it goes straight to the heart. It will let you analyze your
own weight. I don’t deny that everyone has the right to love and be loved, but
we must recognize that this society, which has become an adult world, is
simple and beautiful, but it is really too few.

I think
the people who have loved have experienced that kind of satisfaction when they
love others, but it is also accompanied by pain. Because of your initiative,
the other party doesn’t cherish, doesn’t care, how they want to do, even if you
pay all, in the end, it can’t stay, then? He only needs you to be obedient and
gentle. When he is happy, he will say two or three sweet words, but as long as
there is a little bit of trouble, he will not give in to you, he will only
blindly take, and you can only blindly pay. Some people say that “even if I pay,
I’m happy” but for a long time, there will be injustice in your heart. At
that time, will you still feel happy in love? It’s no exaggeration to say that because of
love, hormone can really blind your eyes in a short time. In your eyes, it’s
him all over the world. No matter what he does, you like it. Sometimes you can
cheat yourself on many problems that you should be aware of. When the passion
is over, you will find that the neglected reality comes one after another, the
inner blow, grievance, and even hate. Every time you make up your mind to
separate, but as soon as you see each other, you forget. Slowly, there is no
bottom line. Again and again, just to maintain. But in the end, you really meet
your own love as you thought Is it better to be yourself?

expectations, however, are imagination, so many people say that anything is
uncertain, so why not find a person you love? This sentence is true, but I just
want to express that love does not mean that it is appropriate. Only love in
marriage is not enough. Feelings of this illusory thing, at the beginning of
passion, slowly also inevitably fade with time, can accompany you to spend a
plain and ordinary life, is suitable for marriage.

really sometimes only suitable for love, but not suitable for life, many of my
friends marry love, but really all the way to the end there are, one side
quietly derailed hidden not divorced, married two years away also have, so
there are all kinds of.

For those
who love themselves, if that person can really understand you and pamper you,
other aspects are particularly suitable, that is, less feeling. I think you can
try to learn to love him, if that person understands you and cherishes you. I
believe he is not eager to have physical intimacy with you, you can try to
learn to accept, and open their attitude, don’t always think about the future,
just think about him, can you really experience it, maybe you will feel it?

So, the
last point I want to express is:

is a part of life, and the best love is to get married and still be like when
not married, so don’t be too stressed. Life is always light, so we must choose the
one who can understand you, accompany you, listen to you, accompany you crazy,
accompany you to make trouble, can shelter you from the wind and rain, and can
hold you in the palm of your hand.

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