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Think of the previous medical season. Think
of the year before last or the year before last. At that time, the physical examination did
not use color Doppler ultrasound, only B ultrasound.

In the line, I saw the three female
students in front of me were kicked out by the B-ultrasound doctor one after
another, saying that holding urine was unqualified. The students are very aggrieved and
complain that they can hardly hold back. The female doctor said impatiently,
“that’s no good. I can’t see clearly. Go and drink water! Come back later!
my turn. I’m full of confidence. I lie down and the cold instrument reaches my
abdomen. “Ah,
it’s so good. It’s holding up so well. You see, how nice and clear your bladder
is! It’s very elastic and clear at a glance! ” The doctor was satisfied
and chattered about me. She just scolded people and felt guilty. She made
excessive compensation here, I’m so flattered. I didn’t know how to answer the
question for a moment, so I had to reply with “haha”. The next step is
liver, gallbladder and kidney.

In fact, I’d like to ask the doctor: would
you give me a comment and see if my waist is symmetrical? However, looking
at her just get better mood, I don’t want to kick the nose on the face. Still can’t help
but imagine, no matter go out travel or sit down to drink, it seems that Drink
the same amount of drinks, I’m the one who watched others rush to the toilet. No wonder The
doctors praised me. I’m gifted. I have a clear and elastic bladder! Ha ha ha

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