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1.   It’s
not age that brings you into marriage, it’s love.

2.   Always
keep 20% mystery. The unreserved woman, like a movie that has been shown
through the drama, has extinguished the idea of letting men see the ending.

  A woman who is half hidden when she is out of
the bath is the most moving. The familiar strangeness is the best social state.
The suspense camera is attractive, and the movie that shows through is boring.

3.   The
boy who will give you reason is more valuable than the boy who can only coax
you. The former hopes to work hand in hand with you to create the future; the
latter may be afraid that you will be angry, or just care about a short night,
which will besiege you in the Utopia of sweet lies.

4.   Cheating
is always the bottom line. Don’t redeem a cheater. It’s meaningless to let
yourself become more and more cheap and have no bottom line.

5.   Good
management of their own emotions, due to external factors of bad emotions do
not involve the partner.

6.   It is
the most stupid to regard breaking up as a chip of emotion. If you say more, it
will form a kind of psychological antibody and eventually become a true

7.   Observe
how your partner treats her or his parents. How your boyfriend treats his
mother, or how your girlfriend treats her father, largely explains how they
treat you in a relationship.

8.   Don’t
believe what a man says depends on what he does

is the cheapest existence in love.You don’t have to do anything. You can be
moved by your mouth.No sense of responsibility and action of boys, will let you
gradually lose, for love instinct yearning and expectations.

   Therefore, the consistency of words and
deeds is one of the important criteria to evaluate whether a boy is stable and

  You know what? A boy who really loves you, he
seldom makes some promises to you, but as long as he has promised you
something, he will try his best to do it.

  Because in the eyes of such a boy, he doesn’t
want to see a girl with a disappointed look, and he doesn’t want to face you
with a sense of guilt. He not only wants to have you in the present, but also
wants to give you a clear and hopeful future.

  On the surface, those boys who just say but
don’t do seem lazy and have poor action ability. However, from a deeper level,
they don’t want to have your future, so they muddle along and will not consider
your feelings at all.

. The most important factor in a
relationship is not gender, attractive appearance, or shared goals. This is
respect. Respect your partner and yourself are mutual. Respect yourself and
your partner. Never talk to your partner about illness. If you don’t respect
your partner, you’re not worth it.

open up. Talk about everything in public, especially the things that hurt. If
something bothers you in a relationship, you must be willing to talk about it
publicly. Talk about a problem, openly build trust and intimacy, and increase
the bond of love. There may be harm at first, but there is still a need for
discussion. No one else can fix your relationship for you. No one else should.

11. Love
words, flowers and promises seem to love you very much. In fact, these things
are not difficult at all. As long as he wants to cheat you with the excuse of
love, he can do it.

love should be those things that are not easy to do, such as every effort to
put on a wedding ring for you, truly fulfill every promise with heart, and help
you cover the quilt that has been kicked out in the night. These things are
tedious and easy to give up in the eyes of ordinary people.

If you can’t reply in time, inform the other party in advance, or explain the
reason after the end, it’s so simple. (it’s unreasonable to blame the other
party for not being considerate instead of explaining.)

13. Once
it’s related to the opposite sex, be as clear as possible and explain clearly.
Although you are innocent and loyal, if you don’t say or explain, the other
party can’t be at ease and trust you.

14. No
matter how angry again, you must not be impulsive, and you must not say stupid

I am
very easy to get angry and have a big fight every time. When I was angry
before, I could say everything. I complained about him and sometimes ridiculed

  Although the back and good, admit wrong, but
always feel very strange in the heart, I think, probably because of some
cracks, said no more “sorry” can not make up for.

  Especially when you are angry and impulsive,
you might as well stop to think about it and then say what you want to say.Most
of the time, you may have a sentence, irreparable estrangement.

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