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I have a German female classmate who is very interested in Chinese culture and wants to learn Chinese. She followed me back home for two weeks. She still thinks that many Chinese customs are amazing.

1. Let’s go back to my hometown together and offer incense to my ancestors. In China, worship is to kowtow. She was shocked when she saw it. In fact, it was a kind of traditional Chinese culture, showing respect and missing for the deceased.
2. Foreigners often look at each other, suddenly say a love word, and then kiss French without saying a word. In China, this is a relatively secret thing. They couldn’t understand why my boyfriend didn’t kiss and hug me in front of me. They thought my unhappiness might have something to do with my husband, who didn’t love me enough. Chinese people are usually implicit and reserved in expressing their feelings.
3. There is a kind of feudal thought in China: there are three kinds of filial piety, no offspring is the most important, that is, every family must have a son to inherit the family. Therefore, some families still have children after having several girls, and some even prefer boys to girls.
4. Marriage is a matter of two families in China. The man is usually required to have a car and a room, and to pay the woman a large sum of money as a betrothal gift. This is an unwritten tradition. The higher the betrothal gift is, the more beautiful the face of the woman’s parents will be. A lot of people are not happy at the wedding ceremony. Leading to a breakup.
5. Many parents in China want their children to get married early. Usually before the age of 25, once they have passed this age, they will urge you to find a partner, and some even take the initiative to arrange a blind date for you. Because they think the older they are, the more difficult it is to find a mate, and they will become leftover women and men. After marriage, it’s not the completion of your mission. Your parents will also have their next arrangements to give birth to grandchildren.

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