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ceive it. It is something to respond to, one has to give and one has to respond.

It’s useless for one person to begrudgingly persist; only two people working together to persist can go on.
In the movie, after the breakup, ZhangBozhi can’t forget the memories she once had, and once again asked to meet Eason Chan and told her heartfelt story, she said she went to the place he once said he would take her to, she told him how much she struggled but still couldn’t forget him.

Tears returned after a very long talk, but Eason Chan over there fell asleep listening.
I think that’s probably the moment she really gave up on the man and the relationship.
He didn’t like her anymore, and the closer she got, the worse it got.
When we were young, we probably all did such things, loved someone with all, and even when we were apart, we would still dwell on the memories we had alone. When looking back only to find that the other side didn’t care, only their own emotionally touched themselves, too many monologues.
Some people, it turns out, really can’t make it to the end, like these couples-.


One is too idle, the other too busy
The most important thing a relationship needs is time, to take your time with it. But there are some couples that never get along, one too laid back and one too busy.
The free one is always imaginative, sensitive and suspicious, and always wants the busy one to be able to spend more time with her. But the busy one never has time.
Once the relationship problems, either positive communication each step back, or is no time to communicate cool breakup, but the reality is more like the latter.
If you don’t accidentally get shot, I’ll teach you a way. When you feel that the next period of time may be busy, such as when you take on a new project, make it clear to the other person in advance that they Know your current situation and be reassuring  with it first.
The one thing that is frebidden to do is for that busy guy to suddenly lose touch. Even though life is busy, you don’t have any time to spare at all, and there’s always time to send a video if you don’t have time to meet up There’s always time for a video, there’s always time for a phone call, there’s always time for a message, you’re never at a loss for time, after all, there’s each other! It’s better to be encouraged than to be alone.
The free one should also understand and encourage each other and not get angry about it, beacuse it is easiest to lose the most loved one through impulsiveness.

But let’s be honest, let’s live realistically, how can a society be always available 24 hours a day, especially if it’s a successful career. Time is the most precious resource, be understanding of each other and learn to take as well as give.


Couples who break up again and again
Some couples around them often break up when they don’t get along, and in a couple of days they start to show their love again, as if in their minds, breaking up and making up is a perfectly normal thing to do.
But the truth is that these couples are too impulsive and lack a mutual understanding of each other, and it’s hard to get to the end.
Every time we break up, we feel very sad after the breakup, but mistakenly think that the other is not over, but the truth is that we are not willing to let go of the past. up. But if you can’t let go, do you have to turn back? In the absence of mutual improvement, what separated them in the first place will sooner or later separate them again.
Making up again and breaking up again and torturing each other over and over again and hurting each other, with a hint of resignation and immortality thrown in for good measure.
When you still have the strength to love and cherish, don’t wait to lose it in regret. If you do separate, you should also reflect on the lessons learned and try to avoid falling down again in the same place.
Don’t be resigned to the fact that you’ve given a lot and struggle repeatedly in a relationship. And don’t feel that it’s hard to find the same good half after separation, so you have to settle for less, because the loneliness of two people is much worse than the loneliness of one. 
Take responsibility for your future and don’t keep wandering on the same depressing low.


Unbalanced love, one side giving too much
A youngster who came to counseling said that she initiating money for guys, and over time he started reaching out to her for money. She even has to pay her boyfriend in advance before letting him go to the checkout to give him enough face.
She always thought that her boyfriend was just on bad terms now and that it would be better in time, after all, he used to be nice to her. The real story, however, is that once the other person gets used to your giving, he gets more and more used to being as a matter of course.
With a guy, you can picture everything, you just can’t picture him just being nice to you. Because once he’s bad for you, you have nothing left. Some girls must think hard about what else he has going for him besides being nice to you, and whether that niceness is too replaceable, such as helping out Open the door to cook and do laundry this good.
Love is giving, desire is wanting, giving unequally = loving unequally. This equality refers to equality of thought and personality, when one person gives unreservedly, the other must at least do so without taking it for granted. Grateful.
One-sided giving doesn’t go the same way for long, boys and girls alike.


The one-sided show of affection is too obvious a comparison
Swipe through a circle of friends, and it’s either a show of affection, a sunburn, or a sale, with only the occasional few struggling to post their life status.
It seems as if showing affection has become the judge of whether a relationship is harmonious or not, so much so that some people are always crazy about showing affection and the other half hates it never tanning or even acknowledging each other in public.
They say: relationships are a private matter between two people and should not be brought out in the sun.
It would have been easy to show love in the circle of friends, but if couples can fight over it, it’s only a matter of time before they fall out.
Usually asked to show love are girls, she hopes that the other tan friends circle is to show that they have a girlfriend, but the other party is not willing to do anything, for this fight, just do not want to.
There are four general reasons for this reluctance.

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