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All the love in the world is not simply a face-to-face relationship, and then you can walk firmly to each other from now on.
On the contrary, although it may fall in love at first sight, most of the deep feelings are slowly accumulated in the process of getting along.
The rhythm of the two people in love is not the same. When you like him, he doesn’t like you so much; when he loves you, you still think of other people in your heart.
Therefore, in order to be able to be with the person they like, many people also use various cautions.
How much effort can boys and girls in love have? Today, Sister Ai takes everyone to take a look.
That summer, with a high temperature of 38 degrees, I promised to date with him.
We walked aimlessly in the big sun for half a circle like a fool. I was worried that my careful makeup in the morning would be completely smeared. When I saw the cold drink shop by the road, I walked in.
There was a cool breeze from the air conditioner, and I subconsciously shivered. I couldn’t help but want to make a statement: What a cool!
But he heard a very thoughtful question: Are you cold?
Oh my God! I really don’t know where his courage came from.
Then, he actually took out a shirt from his backpack? ? ?
However, I did not know where my courage came from. I nodded and said: cold.
He put on the clothes for me.
Tell me: You are sitting here, I’ll buy some drinks. Would you like a cup of hot tea.
I nodded again very disappointed.
So, I still don’t know how I wear such thick clothes and drink that hot tea on such a hot day.
I obviously just want to eat popsicles!
We hadn’t determined the relationship yet, and I wanted to ask her to go out to play. I was afraid of embarrassment. I called a buddy and asked her to bring her girlfriends.
I bribed my buddy fiercely. When I went out, I packed up brightly, but the buddy didn’t trim.
I asked my buddy to sacrifice hue for my happiness, and try to hold her girlfriends to create a space for us.
For my happiness, my buddy is really very powerful.
Later, I finally caught up with my girlfriend, and my buddy and my girlfriend’s girlfriend also formed a profound revolutionary friendship.
Of course, I also learned later that my girlfriend called a god-assisted friend.
I used to think that my wife would not drink.
When we are ambiguous, once we two had a meal and drank half a glass of red wine, she said that she was dizzy, and she also pulled my clothes to be coquettish and said a lot of things.
I thought she was so cute when she was drunk. She was also worried that she had such a poor drink, what if she got drunk in front of others in the future.
After that time, the relationship between us has made great progress.
As a result, last month, she had a good girlfriend who came to find her from very far. When they were eating, the two asked for two bottles of white wine. I thought they hadn’t seen each other for a long time.
Then, I looked at the legendary wife who wouldn’t drink, and had been talking and laughing with her girlfriends. When they finished drinking two bottles of wine, they were still blushing and dizzy, soberly sober.
So, did I get stuck in the beginning?
I remembered that I had a crush on a boy in the next class for three years.
But the we usually don’t have any intersection, and basically didn’t say anything a few times.
I only know his name, and then I accidentally saw his phone from the class teacher ’s student file.
When I finished the college entrance examination and filled out my volunteers, I was curious to know that he applied for that school.
So, I thought of a way to pretend to do a survey and call him. I also compiled words in advance and practiced countless times in heart.
I don’t know if my acting is too good, or if he is too easy to be cheated.
Eventually, I successfully got into his target college, and later went to the same school as I wished.
Although we did not develop a story as I hoped, I still feel no regrets about my youth until now.
My girlfriend took me to the bus station. In order to stay with her for a while, I took her to talk, and missed a bus while she was not paying attention.
I want to chat with my male god, but I do not want to appear to be too active.
Just sent a message in the wechat moments: I miss you, do you also miss me?
Only visible to him.
It didn’t take long for him to take the initiative to chat with me.
After my boyfriend and I were together, he gained 20 pounds.
But I never planned to let him lose weight because I was afraid he would be robbed.
I like him fat now!
Some people say that when they first fell in love, everyone was walking with a mask on.
At first, all love has a disguised partly, in order to play a more perfect appearance in front of the person you like.
Feelings are like a game. Maybe you will be passive first, but you need to be skillful, know your strategy, try your best, follow the temptation, work hard, and use all 36 measures. You can also turn passive into active and win this round.
But the most important thing is that it can be disguised occasionally, and some techniques can be used appropriately. But the premise must not hurt others.
And don’t forget to take off the mask in time and face him with your true self. We can’t play a role that doesn’t belong to us in our lives.
It is the most important thing in a relationship to change one’s heart with one’s sincerety.

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